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  • 2022/05/28 sawadi

    A Key Server that stores the public keys for encryption and decryption of e-mails. KEYCAPACITY: Support for 1024-bit, 2048-bit, and 4096-bit keys. KEYDESCRIPTION: You can specify the email address for the SSL certificate. KEYISSUERNAME: The name of the issuer of the public key in the certificate. KEYNAME: A name associated with a key pair that encrypts and decrypts data, such as a user name or host name. KEYORGANIZATION: The primary contact for this certificate. KEYPROVIDER: The type of certificate authority that issued this certificate. KEYREGION: The region of the issuing certificate authority. KEYALGORITHM: Specifies the encryption algorithm used with the key. KEYALGOUI: The type of the algorithm used to encrypt the data with the key. KEYVALUE: A specific value associated with a key. KEYINPUT: The input required by the key to generate a private key and a public key. KEYENVIRONMENT: The environment for the user or server that has permissions to access the certificate. KEYMETADATA: The fields included in the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) or Certificate Authority Request (CAR). KEYNUMBER: The numeric code for the certificate. KEYREVOCATION_COUNT: The number of times a certificate has been revoked. KEYREVOCATION_TIME: The revocation time for the certificate. KEYREVOCATION_DATE: The date of the revocation of the certificate. KEYCERTIFICATE_SERIALNUMBER: The serial number of the certificate. KEYCERTIFICATE_CERTID: The certificate identifier for the certificate. KEYCERTIFICATE_CERTNAME: The name of the subject of the certificate. KEYCERTIFICATE_SERVER: The host name of the server. KEYCERTIFICATE_VALUE: The value of the certificate. KEYCERTIFICATE_ISSUER: The name of the issuer of the certificate. KEYCERTIFICATE_ISSUERURL: The URL of the issuer of the certificate. KEYCERTIFICATE_ALGORITHM: The name of the algorithm of the certificate. 4f8c9c8613 sawadi

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  • 2022/05/26 burbere

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  • 2022/05/25 chaisa

    This freeware is developed by PC Magic Software GmbH, with the goal of helping people in the security field by providing an alternative to the various tools already available. It lets you perform a variety of tasks such as calculating the checksum, encrypting, or compressing files. The user interface is intuitive, allowing you to get started without a hassle. Key Features: Hash: Calculate the checksum of a file, create a hash value from a given text, or get the MD5, SHA1, or SHA256 hash of a file. Create and sign: Secure files with a unique signature, or create a new file with a pre-defined MD5, SHA1, or SHA256 hash. Calculate: Work with various hashing algorithms in order to calculate the hash value of a file, or encrypt a file to protect the contents. Sign: Generate digital signatures with files, folders, and drives to verify the integrity of a file. Protect: Compress files, folders, or drives with one of the different compression formats to save disk space. Actions: Quickly work with files in various ways, encrypting, decrypting, or calculating the checksum for checksum, SHA1, MD5, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512. Multithread: Performs up to 8 tasks at once without slowing down the system. System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Tested with Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit, and Windows 7 Professional 64bit Review DataXWork: Download Link: In this video we will show you how to get the Tivibu VPN router, installed and run. Tivibu VPN router, is a common product in the market with multiple features and functionality. Before using tivibu VPN router, you need to know some tips for using this VPN router, after using this VPN router, you can get the following function : The ultimate goal of this episode is to provide some real-world performance numbers on the overall VMsn experience that we recently deployed in the Azure cloud environment. This episode includes: -Analyzing the performance of our Azure VMs -The migration story -The real- a77f14ba26 chaisa

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  • 2022/05/20 nedrwill

    ■ Java: 1.5 or 1.6 ■ JRE: 1.6 Overview: An easy-to-use prayer timer that can display your local daily Muslim prayer times from the start of the last month, to the end of that month, allowing you to know in advance when and where you should go to say your prayers. Each prayer time is displayed with a countdown of how much time you have until the prayer is to begin. The seconds 6add127376 nedrwill

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